Local SEO.

Local SEO is all about putting your business in the right place, at the right time. 

50% Of Local Searches On Mobile Lead To A Store Visit Within One Day.

Many small businesses are not able to compete on a national level, and some, like a local coffee shop or restaurant, might not even want to.

Local SEO is an effective way to market you business online in Organic search and on Map results. It helps businesses promote their physical location, products or services to local people who are much more likely to convert.

Local SEO uses much of the same set of metrics and factors as “normal” SEO does, but instead targets local audiences –  people in the area where you have a shop, or those in your delivery or service area.


Increase local traffic, footfall and the visibility of your business.


  • Making your business stand out locally and getting your businesses in-front of potential customers at the right time in their buying process.
  • Turning web traffic into increased footfall for your business’s physical location.
  • You have launched a brand new store and want to quickly increase its profile in the local area.



  • Well developed landing pages that perform both organically and in local searche.
  • Localised content that shows off your business to people in your local area, placing you at the expert.
  • Local business tools such as Google My Business and Bing Places that can have huge effects on traffic and conversions.


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George H M Webb

I'm an SEO & Digital Marketing consultant based in the United Kingdom. I pride myself in my versatility and ability to adapt strategies to meet different businesses needs and challenges.

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