Google Analytics

Gathering accurate web traffic data for your website or app is crucial to understanding your strengths and weaknesses.


Are you making the most of your analytics data?

I’m fully certified in Google Analytics and enjoy to push my knowledge and use of the platform to its fullest.

Google Analytics goes far beyond just the basic setup of pageview tracking and the default reports. Implemented effectively, analytics data can become the lifeblood of your month to month marketing strategy, identifying areas for growth as well as successes from all your previous activity.


Getting actionable marketing insights from your data.


  • Broken or Incorrectly setup Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager account.
  • Custom event tracking and analytics goals that provide no insights for your business or campaigns.
  • Nobody in house with experience with Google Analytics able to analyse and understand your analytics data.




  • A full review of your current Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup to identify issues and areas of improvement.
  • Full tag manager and custom event tracking setup, tailored to your businesses goals.
  • Training sessions, webinars and manuals to help grow the knowledge of your internal teams.

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George H M Webb

I'm an SEO & Digital Marketing consultant based in the United Kingdom. I pride myself in my versatility and ability to adapt strategies to meet different businesses needs and challenges.

If you have a project or campaign in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me.